Digital Forensics XML project and library
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Latest commit e75ef19 Jan 23, 2017 @ajnelson-nist ajnelson-nist Add script to walk current directory and render as DFXML
This script performs some of the same tasks as, but using
the library instead of, and also offering parallel
file processing.  It has been used to walk an ext4 root partition image
of an offline Linux system being migrated, and recognized all file
types (non-regular, non-directory, non-soft-link).

Signed-off-by: Alex Nelson <>


DFXML tools

python/ - tools in Python
src/    - tools in C

To get back on master:

$ git checkout -b newbranch
$ git checkout master
$ git merge newbranch
$ git branch -d newbranch


$ git checkout -b tmp  ; git checkout master ; git merge tmp ; git branch -d tmp ; git push master