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Rainmeter Skins
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Rainmeter Skins

Faithlife Verse of the Day

Download Rainmeter skin     View at DeviantArt

Verse of the Day


  • Display Verse of the Day (VotD) artwork on your desktop, updated daily
  • Alternatively, display the VotD as just text without artwork
  • Share the VotD artwork to Faithlife, Facebook, or Twitter
  • Open Logos to the VotD in your preferred bible
  • Open a Passage Guide in Logos to the VotD
  • Start a Workflow on the VotD
  • Copy the text of the verse to the clipboard
  • Copy the verse reference to the clipboard


The Rainmeter community is an excellent source of help and instruction. They helped tremendously while I was fumbling around learning the ins & outs of Rainmeter. Special thanks to jsmorley, Yincognito, & balala for their help.

Verse of the Day Splash

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