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== musicus applet == 
An applet for the gnome-panel which enables you to control
mpd ( It currently supports Play/Pause,
Stop, Forward, Rewind, a playlist editor and a media browser
(and experimental lyrics fetching)

== musicus-mpc ==
standalone version of the windowed Playlist/Media Browser part of
musicus-applet. This (although starting out as a testing utitlity)
is now usable as full mpd client.

== requirements ==
Install the -dev packages with your package-manager, if needed.
* GTK+-2.0 >= 2.10.11
* libmpd >= 0.12.0
* libpanelapplet (gnome-panel-applet library) >= 2.18

== installation ==
you might need to adjust the variables INSTALL_DIR, BONOBO_DIR,
DATA_DIR and SHARE_DIR in the Makefile.
The standard paths assume that you have GNOME installed in /usr.
If you don't know if GNOME is installed in /usr it is probably there.
Refer to the documentation for your distribution if unsure.

* INSTALL_DIR points to the place where the binaries are installed.
* BONOBO_DIR is the path to the bonobo components 
* DATA_DIR is the path to the standard pximap directory (you probably don't need to change that)
* SHARE_DIR is the path to the shared data directory for gnome-applets (you probably don't need to change this path)

== documentation ==
after running make doxy you will find the developer documentation in the
subdirectory doc/. To generate the documentation you need doxygen.

== credits ==
musical notes in the logo created by Ken Saunders.
Graphics available at


GNOME2 Panel client for mpd; WIP GNOME Shell extension for controlling mpd.



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