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- Broker listens at 6462 everything else starts at 6463
- yields to a block when broker connection has been established
- server list can be filtered by host, port, name, or SSL support
- server list can be sorted by host, port, name, or SSL support
- cli assumes port 6461 when not specified
- cli accepts -c and -p options to immediately connect or proxy from the broker to a server matching the name specified on the command line
- closes #37 loosens pry version requirement
- client sorts server list by host address
- when registering with a Broker register each interface instead
- fixes #21 version matching between client and server allow differences in patch levels
- fixes #31 client reports own version when incompatible with server
- client supports vi mode: rb-readline replaced by readline
- fixes #31 termios is no longer a hard requirement: shell commands will be disabled without it
- adds PryRemoteEm.servers and PryRemoteEm.stop_server
- broker can proxy requests to local or remote servers that have registered with it
- closes #11 all servers will attempt to register with a broker; client will retrieve list of servers from the broker and present a menu to the user by default
- when specifying a specific port to listen on the option :port_fail can be set to :auto; if binding fails attempt to bind on the next port
- returns a url (String) with the scheme, host and port of the listening server
- json specific parts of wire protocol are abstracted away from client and server
- json proto is a bit more robust: delimeter can be a part of data and CRC is performed
- handle reset command appropriately
- messages are tagged with user that sent them if authentication is being used
- adds shell command support
- adds auth event callbacks
- adds configurable logger
- adds simple messaging with '!' and '!!'
- fixes
- fixes
- fixes
- empty lines don't cause termination
- User/Pass authentication
- TLS support
- Paging support
- Tab completion
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