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When starting a PryRemoteEm server it's possible to specify a port other than the default. You can also specify :auto and have it use the next available port. It's also possible, and likely, that more than one instance will be running on the same server.

There needs to be a way to automatically find the PryRemoteEm services that are running on a given computer.

Auto Discovery

  • The client could scan all likely PryRemoteEm ports, check banners and ask the user which one they want to connect to. The banners would need to include information about the object that the PryRemoteEm service is bound to.
  • When services start up they could register with a separate process. When clients connect to a machine they could ask the registration service for a list of services; present the list to the use then connect directly to the selected service.


  • The client could connect to a broker on the target machine; be given a choice of which service to connect to; choose one; then have all further communication be proxied through the broker to the selected service.

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