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Textual configuration interface

This section is a part of the TCI reference.

Regular spells are not mentioned here, you just have to follow the standard names formatting rules.

Rune expression system

Since Simulationcraft 7.0.3, release 1 Runes are treated as a standard resource in the simulator. Normal resource expressions work on runes, with the exception of the regen and time_to_max resource expressions.

Incoming damage

The expression incoming_damage_5s returns the amount of damage the Death Knight has taken in the previous five seconds.

 # Death Strike if the actor has taken 25% of maxhp damage in the previous 5 seconds.

Synchronizing weapons

The sync_weapons (default: 1) option on the auto_attack action can be used to force the synchronization of weapons at the beginning of the fight. When zero, the offhand will be desynchronized by half of its swing time. In game, you always start with your weapons synchronized but target switching and parry rushes often lead you to go unsynchronized.

 # Ensure the player will start with synched weapons.

Anti-Magic Shell

The antimagic_shell action allows a Death Knight to simulate the Runic Power gain on incoming damage. The action contains three options: interval, interval_stddev, and damage. The interval option sets the mean of the interval between two consecutive Anti-Magic Shell executions in seconds, and is required to be at minimum the cooldown of the spell. The interval_stddev option sets the standard deviation of the interval between Anti-Magic Shell executions. If specified as less than 1, it is interpreted as a percent of the mean, otherwise it is interpreted as seconds. Finally, the damage option sets the amount of incoming damage. The default values for interval, and interval_stddev are 60 and 5% respectively. The damage option is always required.

 # Simulate Runic Power gain on using Anti-Magic Shell to absorb 100000 magic damage every 60 seconds on average.


The Legion Artifact power Armies of the Damned exact proc chance is currently (2016-08-29) unknown. The community has approximated it through testing to be 20%, which simulationcraft implements. Additionally, a player scope option aotd_proc_chance (default: 0.2, minimum 0, maximum 1) can be used to control the proc chance.