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Regular buffs for this class are not mentioned here, you just have to follow the standard names formatting rules. Also, don't forget that set bonuses are added as buffs to a character. Buffs can be used in conditional expressions for actions, see ActionLists#Buffs_and_debuffs.

  • bear_form, cat_form, moonkin_form: forms


We only document here non-obvious entries.

Resource gains

  • energy_refund: the energy refunded by your misses.
  • incoming_damage: rage generated by incoming damages.


  • combo_points_wasted: combo points wasted because you were already capped.
  • wrong_eclipse_wrath/starfire: number of times you casted wrath instead of starfire and vice-versa (unanticipated eclipse proc). With a perfect skill (1.0), it measures the efficiency of the actions list.


  • energy_cap: fraction of the fight spent with a full energy bar.
  • rage_cap: fraction of the fight spent with a full rage bar.