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Textual configuration interface

This section is a part of the TCI reference.

Regular spells are not mentioned here, you just have to follow the standard names formatting rules.

Synchronizing weapons

The sync_weapons (default: 0) option on the auto_attack action can be used to force the synchronization of weapons at the beginning of the fight. When zero, the offhand will be desynchronized by half of its swing time. In game, you always start with your weapons synchronized but target switching and parry rushes often lead you to go unsynchronized.

 # Ensure the player will start with synched weapons.

Combo points

Combo points can be used in conditional expressions for actions (see ActionLists) through the combo_points character property.

 # Use eviscerate when you have 5 combo points

The initial_combo_points setting (scope: current character; default: 0) can be used to start the fight with the given number of combo points. Only values within [0; 5] will be accepted.

 # Start the fight with two combo points.

The Anticipation talent allows Rogues to store up to 5 Combo Points in a buff called "Anticipation". The anticipation_charges expression allows you to return the current number of Anticipation stacks. This is a shorthand for buff.anticipation.stack.

 # Dispatch if we have room to generate Anticipation charges

Combo point changes in Simulationcraft 7.0.3, release 1

Anticipation now increases your maximum Combo Points to 8. anticipation_charges expression is removed, as is the Anticipation buff.

You can get the guaranteed number of combo points an ability is generating with the new cp_gain expression.

  # Backstab, if there would be no CP waste.

You can get the maximum number of combo points spent with the new cp_max_spend expression.

  # Eviscerate at maximum combo point spendage.


  • apply_poison instantly changes the poisons on the player's weapons. The action won't be performed if the poisons already match your specifications or if you specified inactive poisons for both weapons.
    1. main_hand and off_hand (default: none, optional) are used to specify the poison to use on every weapon. Acceptable values are: "deadly", "instant" or "wound". Other values will result in an inactive poison being applied. Since Simulationcraft 7.0.3, release 1 If no option is given, apply_poison will apply the "best" lethal poison for the actor (Deadly Poison or Agonizing Poison).

Since Simulationcraft 6.1.2, release 2 The poisoned_enemies expression evaluates to the number of enemy actors currently poisoned with either lethal or non-lethal poison.

Honor among thieves

For single actor simulations, Honor Among Thieves can be approximated through the use of the honor_among_thieves action. The action allows the user to generate HAT combo points at a specific interval. Defaults to 2.3 seconds, with a standard deviation (of a normal distribution) of 100 milliseconds.

 # Generate some HAT combo points

Note that this proxy Honor Among Thieves action is disabled if the Subtlety Rogue is simulated in an environment with other player profiles.

Since Simulationcraft 7.0.3, release 1 Honor Among Thieves is no longer in the simulator.


  • An expression called stealthed.rogue evaluates to 1 when any of the stealth-like effect crating buffs is up (Stealth, Vanish, or Shadow Dance). Notably, Shadowmeld is not in the list as it is not a true stealth-like effect, but you can check it using stealthed.all.

Weapon Swapping

Since Simulationcraft 6.1.2-01 Rogues have an experimental weapon swapping mechanism in the simulator. Two new options, main_hand_secondary and off_hand_secondary allows a profile to specify a secondary weapon to main and off hand, respectively. Both options use the normal item option format.

In addition, there is a new action swap_weapon that performs a weapon swap for the profile. Currently, weapon swap incurs a GCD of 1.0 seconds, resets the swing timer(s) of the swapped weapons, and resets the RPPM-related timers. The action has two options, slot that specifies the slot to swap (valid values are main, off, or both, with default of main). The second option, swap_to specifies what set to swap to, with valid values of primary and secondary and a default of secondary.

# Specify secondary main/offhands

# .. and swap to them in certain situations (and swap back to primary when needed)


Since Simulationcraft 7.0.3 release 1 you can determine whether the Eviscerate or Nightblade abilities are using the Finality or the normal version using the finality_eviscerate or finality_nightblade expressions. They evaluate to 1 if the Finality version is currently usable, 0 otherwise.


Since Simulationcraft 7.0.3 release 1 Garrote and Rupture have an expression to determine whether the current target has an exsanguinated dot on them. exsanguinated expression on a garrote or rupture action will evaluate to 1 if the current dot (on the target) is exsanguinated.

  # Don't refresh Garrote if the current target's dot is Exsanguinated

In addition, you can use the more generic form dot.X.exsanguinated (where X is either garrote or rupture) on any action in an action priority list to check whether the current target's respective dot is exsanguinated.

Roll the Bones

Since Simulationcraft 7.0.3 release 1 You can check for the number of active Roll the Bones buffs on the actor with the new rtb_buffs expression.

  # Use Roll the Bones until you have 6 buffs up!

Additionally, you may use rtb_list expression to check for the presence of specific buffs on the actor. The expression takes the form rtb_list.OP.LIST, where OP is the operating mode and LIST is the list of buffs. The expression will return 0 if the evaluation fails, and 1 if it succeeds.

  • The OP accepts two values: any, meaning any of the buffs on LIST being up succeeds the evaluation, and all, meaning all of the buffs on LIST must be up to succeed the evaluation.
  • The LIST accepts a sequence of RTB buffs, represented by numerical values from 1 to 6. The numbers correspond to the six buffs in alphabetical order: 1: Broadsides, 2: Buried Treasure, 3: Grand Melee, 4: Jolly Roger, 5: Shark Infested Waters, 6: True Bearing
  # Use Roll the Bones until you have at least Shark Infested Waters and Broadsides up

Bleed effects

Since Simulationcraft 7.0.3 release 1 A new expression bleeds evaluates to the number of bleeding effects on the target. Currently Rogue module defines Garrote and Rupture abilities as bleeds.

Shadow Satyr's Walk

Since Simulationcraft 7.1.0 release 3 An option and expression called ssw_refund_offset let you modify the amount of energy refunded by the legendary item "Shadow Satyr's Walk" (Subtlety). The amount refund is based on the distance from the center of the enemy and not the edge (i.e. it doesn't take in account the size of the enemy hitbox). The option must be defined inside an actor, if you want to re-use it on multiple actors then you must use copy="","" or re-define it for each actor.

 # Increases the amount of energy refund from SSW effect by 15.

Also, you can use it as expression to get the amount refund (useful if you want to improve the APL).

 # Assign a variable with the amount of energy refund by SSW. (0 if not equipped, 12+refund if equipped, 12 is the current default value assuming you're 4yds away)


We only document here non-obvious entries.


  • energy_cap : the percentage of the fight time spent with a full energy bar.