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This page details various features that are either missing from the sim, that would be nice to have, or outright required for certain things. They are in no order of importance.


Generic features

  • Combat phasing
    • Phase specific statistics

Raid events

  • Concept of roles for raid effects (e.g., affects tank/healer/ranged dps/melee dps and so on)
  • Improved add support.


  • In general, AoE support for all classes
  • Death Knight
    • Blood DPS support

Nice to Have

  • GUI Paperdoll
  • World of Warcraft client combat log export
  • Improved HTML Output Sorting
    • A nice feature would be to be able to sort by damage percentage on the results. Ideally on the web page resulted.
  • Buff Reaction Times: Make reaction times dependent on the observer, not on the buff source.
  • Allow scaling of all stats when explicitly specified
    • Expect to be able to calculate Scale Factor for X, even if X isn't calculated by default by calculate_scale_factors=1