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#-*-coding: utf8 -*-
SAE API auth handler for urllib2 and requests
>>> import urllib2
>>> apibus_handler = SaeApibusAuthHandler(ACCESSKEY, SECRETKEY)
>>> opener = urllib2.build_opener(apibus_handler)
>>> print'').read()
>>> import requests
>>> print requests.get('|fields/ /1/2/3/4', auth=SaeApibusAuth(ACCESSKEY, SECRETKEY)).content
import hmac
import base64
import hashlib
import time
import urllib
from urllib2 import BaseHandler, Request
class SaeApibusAuthHandler(BaseHandler):
# apibus handler must be in front
handler_order = 100
def __init__(self, accesskey, secretkey):
self.accesskey = accesskey
self.secretkey = secretkey
def http_request(self, req):
orig_url = req.get_full_url()
if not orig_url.startswith(_APIBUS_URL_PREFIX):
return req
timestamp = str(int(time.time()))
headers = [
('x-sae-timestamp', timestamp),
('x-sae-accesskey', self.accesskey),
method = req.get_method()
resource = urllib.unquote(req.get_full_url()[len(_APIBUS_URL_PREFIX)-1:])
sae_headers = [(k.lower(), v.lower()) for k, v in req.headers.items() if k.lower().startswith('x-sae-')]
req.add_header('Authorization', _signature(self.secretkey, method, resource, sae_headers))
return req
https_request = http_request
from requests.auth import AuthBase
class SaeApibusAuth(AuthBase):
"""Attaches HTTP Basic Authentication to the given Request object."""
def __init__(self, accesskey, secretkey):
self.accesskey = accesskey
self.secretkey = secretkey
def __call__(self, r):
timestamp = str(int(time.time()))
r.headers['x-sae-timestamp'] = timestamp
r.headers['x-sae-accesskey'] = self.accesskey
resource = urllib.unquote(r.url[len(_APIBUS_URL_PREFIX)-1:])
#resource = r.url[len(_APIBUS_URL_PREFIX)-1:]
sae_headers = [(k.lower(), v.lower()) for k, v in r.headers.items() if k.lower().startswith('x-sae-')]
r.headers['Authorization'] = _signature(self.secretkey, r.method, resource, sae_headers)
return r
except ImportError:
# requests was not present!
def _signature(secret, method, resource, headers):
msgToSign = "\n".join([
method, resource,
"\n".join([(k + ":" + v) for k, v in sorted(headers)]),
return "SAEV1_HMAC_SHA256 " + base64.b64encode(, msgToSign, hashlib.sha256).digest())