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+-- 0.4.1 -- 2009-01-10
+ - Fix HqXx filter pitch.
+ - Fix mbc2 not getting a rambank.
+ - Make sure to reset passed pointers when deleted. Fixes potential crash
+ when loading ROM during OAM busy.
+ - Substantially improved rate estimation averaging.
+ - RateEst: Add a convenient way of filtering measures that extend beyond
+ a buffer time, and are as such probably invalid.
+ - RateEst: Allow using a custom timestamp in feed().
+ - RateEst: Keep a queue of the last ~100 msec worth of samples and
+ duration, and filter out collective samples that give a pre-estimate
+ that seems way off.
+ - Replace "Game Boy / Game Boy Color emulator" with "Game Boy Color
+ emulator" for now to avoid misleading anyone on the current status.
+ - Disable BlitterWidget updates (paintEvents) while not paused.
+ - QGLBlitter: Do a cheap front blit rather than a vsynced flip if audio
+ buffers are low.
+ - Allow BlitterWidgets to opt in to get paintEvents while unpaused. Do so
+ for QGLBlitter since it may need to clear buffers afterwards.
+ - QGLBlitter: Try to blit right after sync in the case of single buffering.
+ - Up default audio buffer latency to 100 ms (some common system audio
+ servers require a lot of buffering to work well).
+ - Adaptively skip BlitterWidget syncs if audio buffer is low, in a manner
+ that should minimize wasted skips in sync to vblank situation, and tries
+ to be non-disturbing. This replaces frame time halving, and blitter
+ specific rescueing.
+ - Clear display buffers in DirectDrawBlitter and Direct3DBlitter in
+ exclusive mode, since blits don't necessarily cover the entire buffers.
+ - DirectDrawBlitter: Make sure that a minimum amount of time has passed
+ between calls to WaitForVerticalBlank, since it can return in the same
+ vblank period twice on a fast system.
+ - DirectDrawBlitter: Support vsync for refresh rate ~= 2x frame rate.
+ - DirectDrawBlitter: Refactor somewhat and get rid of a couple minor
+ potential bugs.
+ - DirectDrawBlitter: Some tweaks to get updates closer to sync time in
+ certain situations.
+ - DirectDrawBlitter: Some tweaks to better support DONOTWAIT.
+ - DirectDrawBlitter: Make only updating during vblank while page flipping
+ optional.
+ - Direct3DBlitter: Some tweaks to get updates closer to sync time in
+ certain situations.
+ - Filter out very short frame times in frame time estimation.
+ - Don't adjust frame time during turbo, but rather skip BlitterWidget
+ syncs to speed up, which avoids vsync limits without disabling vsync.
+ - DirectDrawBlitter: Add triple buffering option.
+ - Direct3DBlitter: Use D3DSWAPEFFECT_DISCARD in non-exclusive mode.
+ - Direct3DBlitter: Allow triple buffering and vblank-only updates in
+ non-excusive mode.
+ - Rename "Page flipping" in Direct3D and DirectDraw blitters to
+ "Exclusive full screen".
+ - Pause audio on win32 titlebar clicks/drags to avoid looping audio due to
+ underruns from blocked timerEvents.
+ - Use wildcards for platform detection to avoid being unnecessarily
+ compiler/architecture specific. Fixes bug 2377772.
+ - Rewrite most of DirectSoundEngine, supporting primary buffer option,
+ making it more robust, correct and hopefully cleaner. Only use part of
+ the primary buffer if the desired buffer size is lower than the
+ primary buffer size.
+ - Direct3DBlitter and DirectDrawBlitter: Force blocking updates when sync
+ to vblank is enabled. Some updates only block if there's a prior
+ unfinished update in progress. This screws up frame time estimation in
+ turn screwing up vsync. To fix this we do a double update (and extra blit)
+ if close to a frame time period has passed since the last update when
+ sync to vblank is enabled. I really should have noticed this earlier as
+ it pretty much breaks vsync adaption completely.
+ - Direct3DBlitter: Use the D3DCREATE_FPU_PRESERVE flag when creating
+ device. Omitting this flag can screw up floating point calculations in
+ other parts of the code. For instance WASAPI cursor timestamps get
+ utterly screwed up here.
+ - Direct3DBlitter: It appears that managed textures are updated before
+ they are unlocked, which screws up redraws, making things appear choppy
+ in some situations. Use a default memory texture and a system memory
+ texture and the UpdateTexure method instead.
+ - DirectSoundEngine: Make use of the sample period limit feature of
+ RateEst, rather than duplicating the feature.
+ - Add polling WASAPI engine with exclusive mode support. Latency and rate
+ estimation is generally better than DirectSound, and in exclusive mode
+ there is less blocking as well as exclusive mode being better than
+ shared mode in the other areas too.
+ - WasapiEngine: Add device selection.
+ - WasapiEngine: Add static isUsable() method. Only listed if isUsable().
+ Default engine if isUsable().
+ - WasapiEngine: Use default device if there's only one device available,
+ since we don't show the combobox anyway.
+ - DirectSoundEngine: Provide the integrated read and status get write
+ method optimization.
+ - XvBlitter: Set NosystemBackground attribute rather than OpaquePaintEvent.
+ Reimplement paintEngine to return NULL as suggested by Qt docs.
+ - X11Blitter: Reimplement paintEngine to return NULL.
+ - AlsaEngine: Make use of sample period limit feature of RateEst. Don't
+ increase estimated sample rate on underrun.
+ - OssEngine: Make use of sample period limit feature of RateEst. Don't
+ increase estimated sample rate on underrun.
+ - Esc exits fullscreen on macx.
+ - Drop OpenAL from default macx binary.
+ - Add some useful but commented build flags for macx to .pro files.
-- 0.4.0 -- 2008-10-27
- less fixed-width type dependencies. don't assume unsigned int > 16 bits

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