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DIO_RJ45 is an extension module supplying 16 LVDS pairs via 4 front-panel RJ45 connectors. This board connects to up to two EEM headers but single-header operation is also possible, with limited number of 8 IOs.

Each RJ45 supplies 4 LVDS DIOs. The direction (input/output) is individually selectable for each signal via I2C or on-board switches. Outputs are intended to drive 100Ohm loads (LVDS is short-circuit protected), inputs are 100Ohm terminated. The connectors dedicate all 8 pins to LVDS signals, ground is on the connector shield so ** only shielded Ethernet cat 6 ** shielded cables are allowed. Maximum verified operating frequency is 150MHz due to TTL generator limitation. IO buffers used in the design permit operation with much higher frequency.

RJ45 pins:

Function Comment Pin(s) pin designation if used for SPI
GND shield
LDVS_1 LVDS, bi-directional 1 (P), 2 (N) SCLK, clock-capable
LDVS_2 LVDS, bi-directional 4 (P), 5 (N) MOSI
LDVS_3 LVDS, bi-directional 3 (P), 6 (N) MISO
LDVS_4 LVDS, bi-directional 7 (P), 8 (N) CS


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