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Mirny microwave synthesiser extension

Mirny is a low-cost wide-band PLL/VCO-based microwave frequency synthesiser.

Like the Urukul DDS Synthesiser but with a VCO/PLL (ADF4355, ADF4356, ADF5355, or ADF5356) as the synthesizer and options for frequency double/tripler and analog frontend mezzanines.

Comparing Mirny to Urukul:

  • Much larger frequency range (53 MHz to 13.6 GHz including the mezzanine output for Mirny vs < 1 MHz to 500 MHz in the first Nyquist zone for Urukul)
  • Much higher frequency resolution
  • Lower jitter and phase noise
  • No linear high resolution output amplitude setting (c.f. AD9910 ASF)
  • No deterministic phase control, no coherent or absolute phase changes
  • Large frequency changes are not "agile" (take a few ms) and do not have high timing resolution, small frequency changes (<10 kHz) can be made rapidly
  • RF switch changes or attenuator changes still benefit from high timing resolution through the EEM connector.

Status: hardware prototypes exist, to be funded


  • 50 MHz to 4 GHz (maybe 6.8 GHz) on board, 13.6 GHz with mezzanines, more if the mezzanines perform frequency conversion.
  • Digital attenuators
  • RF switches
  • preamplifiers
  • User-defined filters
  • CPLD for SPI routing and configuration/status queries


CPLD gateware and ARTIQ driver

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