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This is the easiest configuration + deployment option. Heroku has full support for Sinatra applications. Deploying to Heroku is simply a matter of pushing to a remote git repository.

Steps to deploy to Heroku:

  • Create an account if you don't have one
  • Download and install Heroku toolbelt
  • Make sure you have a Gemfile. Otherwise, you can create one and install the sinatra gem using bundler.
  • Make a in the root-directory
  • Create the app on heroku
  • Push to it
  1. Install bundler if you haven't yet (gem install bundler). Create a Gemfile using bundle init. Modify your Gemfile to look like:

    source ''
    gem 'sinatra'

    Run bundle to install the gem.

    It is possible to specify a specific Ruby version on your Gemfile. For more information, check this.

  2. Here is an example file that does two things. First, it requires your main app file, whatever it's called. In the example, it will look for myapp.rb. Second, run your application. If you're subclassing, use the subclass's name, otherwise use Sinatra::Application.

    require "myapp"
    run Sinatra::Application
  3. Create the app and push to it

    From the root directory of the application, run these commands:

    $ heroku create <app-name>  # This will add heroku as a remote
    $ git push heroku master

    For more details see this.