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## There are plenty of ways to [contribute to Sinatra][contributing].
-Want to help contribute recipes or tutorials into the [Sinatra
-Book][sinatra-book]? Check out the [Sinatra Book Contrib][sinatra-book-contrib]
-project for all of the recent additions from the community.
+**Got a recipe or tutorial?**
+Check out the [Sinatra Recipes][sinatra-recipes] project for all of the recent
+additions from the community.
If you're looking for something to work on be sure to check the [issue
-tracker][issues] first, then read up on the [styling
-guidelines][styling-guidelines]. Once you have [forked the project][forking],
-feel free to send us a [pull request][pull-requests].
+tracker][issues]. Once you have [forked the project][forking], feel free to
+send us a [pull request][pull-requests].
+Check the [wiki][wiki] for more information.
Join us on IRC (#sinatra at if you need help with anything.

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