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@@ -155,8 +155,10 @@ Some of Tilt's other all-star features include:
* Backtraces with correct filenames and line numbers
* Template file caching and reloading
-And includes support for some of the best engines available, such as
-[HAML][haml], [Less CSS][less], and [coffee-script][cs].
+Best of all, Tilt includes support for some of the best templating engines
+available, including [HAML][haml], [Less CSS][less], and
+[CoffeeScript][coffeescript]. Also a ton of other lesser known, but equally
+awesome [templating languages][tilt] that would take too much space to list.
All you need to get started is `erb`, which is included in Ruby. Views by
default look in the `views` directory in your application root.
@@ -195,10 +197,10 @@ The possibilities are pretty much endless, here's a quick list of some of the mo
For more specific details on how Sinatra handles templates, check the [README][templates].

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