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thor book:build pdf doesn't work #49

lomereiter opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The '#' symbol gets unescaped in the produced .tex file thus causing an error: 'You can't use `macro parameter character #' in horizontal mode.'


I'm open to new ideas on how to build the PDF format of the book.. got any ideas?


Urr... I found the source of this error. Maruku uses 1.8 syntax where '?#' returns 35 whereas in 1.9 it returns '#'. Thus the 'each_byte' cycle in 'maruku/output/to_latex_strings.rb' doesn't work as expected.
So the only thing I can suggest is to do something like 'if RUBY_VERSION >= '1.9' then!(&:ord);!(&:ord); end'


I started work on the build process: sinatra-book/rebuild


New build process merged into master, please check it

@zzak zzak closed this
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