Rack-flash unreliable. Incompatible with Rack > 1.3.6 #58

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thehack commented Mar 21, 2012

The book recommends gem 'rack-flash' for session-based notifications, but rack-flash doesn't work with up-do-date versions of rack. The sinatra-authentication gem also requires rack-flash.


  1. Downgrade to a version of Rack pre 1.3.6
    Problem: It sets you up for more dependency problems.
  2. Use 'sinatra/flash'
    The author says the downside is that it does not work across different kinds of rack apps.
  3. Sinatra could include this functionality itself?
  4. tl;dr Maybe the best short-term solution for the book is just to post a warning about rack-flash, or recommend 'sinatra/flash' instead.

alternate for that is rack-flash3, check this out nakajima/rack-flash#8

thehack commented Apr 30, 2012

Yeah, I had tried that and ran into something undesirable - I don't remember what. I ended up using sinatra/flash on recommendation of one of the core team. I guess that is what the book should be recommending.


zzak commented Oct 19, 2012

For the time being, you can use rack-flash3 or sinatra-flash gems.

zzak closed this Oct 19, 2012

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