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@@ -23,27 +23,31 @@ installed with this gem.
Currently included:
+* `sinatra/capture`: Let's you capture the content of blocks in templates.
* `sinatra/config_file`: Allows loading configuration from yaml files.
* `sinatra/content_for`: Adds Rails-style `content_for` helpers to Haml, Erb,
Erubis and Slim.
+* `sinatra/csrf`: Protects your Sinatra application from CSRF attacks.
+* `sinatra/engine_tracking`: Adds methods like `haml?` that allow helper
+ methods to check whether they are called from within a template.
+* `sinatra/json`: Adds a `#json` helper method to return JSON documents.
* `sinatra/link_header`: Helpers for generating `link` HTML tags and
corresponding `Link` HTTP headers. Adds `link`, `stylesheet` and `prefetch`
helper methods.
+* `sinatra/namespace`: Adds namespace support to Sinatra.
* `sinatra/respond_with`: Choose action and/or template depending automatically
depending on the incoming request. Adds helpers `respond_to` and
-To be included soon:
-* Helpers for CSS/JS generation (currently in `sinatra-support`)
-* Rewrite of `sinatra-reloader`
## Custom Extensions
These extensions may add additional dependencies and enhance the behavior of the
@@ -52,11 +56,9 @@ existing APIs.
Currently included:
* `sinatra/decompile`: Recreates path patterns from Sinatra's internal data
- structures (used by other extensions)/
-To be included soon:
+ structures (used by other extensions).
-* Rewrite of `sinatra-compass`
+* `sinatra/reloader`: Automatically reloads Ruby files on code changes.
## Other Tools
@@ -90,9 +92,13 @@ A single extension (example: sinatra-content-for):
require 'sinatra/base'
require 'sinatra/content_for'
+ require 'sinatra/csrf'
class MyApp < Sinatra::Base
- register Sinatra::ContentFor
+ # Note: Some modules are extensions, some helpers, see the specific
+ # documentation or the source
+ helpers Sinatra::ContentFor
+ register Sinatra::CSRF
Common extensions:
@@ -23,3 +23,7 @@
* Extend `sinatra-content-for` to support Liquid, Radius, Markaby, Nokogiri and
Builder. At least the first two probably involve patching Tilt.
+* Rewrite of `sinatra-compass`?
+* Helpers for HTML escaping and such.

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