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namespace: Error handlers in base ignored. #46 closed but unmerged #63

kamui opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I'm just opening this ticket because issue #46 was accepted and closed but not merged into master.



how its look like with this issue? It little bit pain in the ass, when using namespaces for API uses,

imagine, you set default error handling into some json output. When you use Namespaces, you need to add same code into every namespace you want to use.

It was little bit hard to find when I am making error, before I realize that every namespace needs to have same definition of error.

Please consider this error.

Thank you


Sorry, I'm a bit swamped with work atm. Maybe someone else would like to jump in, I'd be willing to provide pointers etc.


Sorry for the trouble! Looking into this now...


Ah. Yeah, this was merged to the 1.3.x branch but a new gem has not been built/published since. Also needs to be applied to master, of course.

@rkh Did you set me up with push access yet?


@TrevorBramble I've merged it into master. We totally missed the 1.3.2 release 16 days ago :/

@kamui kamui closed this
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