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Sinatra Recipes

Community contributed recipes and techniques for the Sinatra Web Framework.

Why yet another doc project?

Quite simply, the Sinatra README and Book have become long in the tooth.

This project is to extract any redundant and overlap between the two sources, and create a home for user contributed recipes and documentation to take form.

How can I help?

Got a recipe or tutorial for Sinatra? Awesome, this is the first place you should go if you're looking to contribute.

Once you have forked the project send a pull request, just be sure to follow the styling guidelines.

You can also get a hold of us on irc or the mailinglist.

Don't have any ideas? Check out the existing issue tracker for recipes that have been requested or are in progress.

Here's the run down

To get started you should clone the repository from GitHub:

git clone git://

Now once you cd into sinatra-recipes you should see a few things.

First you should take note of the application files:

app.rb # a tiny application for displaying the contributed recipes # rackup file for deploying to heroku
Gemfile # dependencies file for bundler to run the app

If you want to run the application yourself first you need the bundler gem.

gem install bundler

If you are on Rubinius make sure that you have the latest bundler version installed. Versions prior to 1.0.10 won't work.

# then install the application dependencies
bundle install

Once that is complete, you should only need to run rackup in the application root and visit: localhost:9292

Since the application just maps the flat files, you can browse either the source or the web app to view recipes.

If you check out the source you will see a few folders listed, in each folder there is a that will briefly explain the topic. This can also be view by going to /p/:topic where topic is the folder you wish to view.

In each folder there should be a number of recipes pertaining to each topic.

On translations

Currently we're not supporting translations in the main repository.

However, if you'd like to maintain a fork for translating the docs then feel free to do so, and add your fork to the list of translations in the wiki.