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Sinatra Website / Documentation

This repo contains the Sinatra website and documentation sources published at

Working Locally

Grab the sources from GitHub:

$ git clone git://
$ cd

Make sure you have the bundler gem installed on your machine:

$ gem install bundler

Install dependencies:

$ bundle install

Run the test server:

$ rake server

Changes are immediately available at:


Sass / CSS / Gulp

It would be appreciated if you could introduce your changes using the indented Sass syntax (.sass) in one of the existing Sass partials or if needed via new ones of your own. Not a friend of curlies and stuff.

Gulp was set up to streamline your build process. Simply run:

$ gulp watch

gulp watch triggers a couple of processes:

  • After changes have been introduced in the _sass directory, it first builds uncompressed .css files from the corresponding .sass files and puts them into /css/development.
  • Gulp also watches any changes made in the /css/development directory.
  • In turn, any changes in /css/development will get compressed, prefixed and purified of any obsolete style declarations before being placed in their final destination at /css.
  • Your site is reloaded automatically using Browsersync which watches any changes to .css files in /css. No need to install any additional gimmicks.

That means Gulp is configured so that you can either work on .sass files in the /_sass directory or on .css files directly in the /css/development directory. If you want to introduce changes in /css/development, you need to create new filenames to avoid being overwritten when new versions of Sass files get built.


See GitHub's "Fork A Repo" for more information.

Creating Blog Posts

Blog posts are stored under the _posts directory. To create a new blog post and open your $EDITOR, use:

thor blog:new 'Blog Post Title'

This requires Thor:

$ gem install thor

Prebuilt Files

You will need thor, rdoc, haml and mislav's hanna gem to rebuild static files and the API docs:

$ gem install thor
$ gem install rdoc -v 2.3.0
$ gem install haml -v 2.0.4
$ gem install mislav-hanna --source=

The prebuilt file sources are maintained under the sinatra and sinatra-book projects. To pull in the latest versions and build them:

rake pull build

The generated files under the "_includes" and "api" directories need to be committed after building. To regenerate and add those files to your index for the next commit:

rake regen