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* this will become the toc
-What happened to reloading in Sinatra 0.9.2? {#reloading}
+How do I make my Sinatra app reload on changes? {#reloading}
-Source file reloading was removed in the 0.9.2 due to excess complexity.
+First off, in-process code reloading in Ruby [is hard](
+and having a solution that works for every scenario is technically impossible.
-For reloading Sinatra we recommend either using the
-[reloader](/contrib/reloader) or
+Which is why we recommend you to do out-of-process reloading.
-The reloader will reload single files that changed, whereas shotgun will
-restart the HTTP server on every request. See ["Reloading Ruby
-Code"]( to learn more about the differences.
+First you need to install [rerun]( if you haven't already:
+ $ gem install rerun
+Now if you start your Sinatra app like this:
+ $ ruby app.rb
+All you have to do for reloading is instead do this:
+ $ rerun 'ruby app.rb'
+If you are for instance using `rackup`, instead do the following:
+ $ rerun 'rackup'
+You get the idea.
+If you still want in-process reloading, check out [Sinatra::Reloader](/contrib/reloader).
What are my deployment options? {#deploy}

5 comments on commit 7617305


@rkh Shouldn't we offer reloader as the default, and rerun as an alternative? I hadn't even heard of rerun and was confused by the confusion in this Rogues episode. (about 20:00:00).

I'll rewrite if agreeable.


Hmmm... dunno. I actually think rerun is the better solution.


I've never had an issue with Sinatra::Reloader, but what does everyone think of deprecating it to the old sinatra-reloader gem and cleaning up contrib a little?


Um, wait, I don't think it's an issue with the sinatra-contrib reloader vs the old reloader, but more about in-process reloading not working very well in Ruby.


@rkh I mean to move it out of sinatra-contrib, those that want (and can) use it will need to install sinatra-reloader.

This will help us in the sense that we no longer deal with it in contrib. But the problem still exists in Ruby.

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