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Cull footnote links either not used or no longer there

Some of the link references found at the bottom of
Testing are either not linked up with any phrase in
the page or are just now pointing into the void.
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@randomecho randomecho authored
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15 testing.markdown
@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ id: testing
Testing Sinatra with Rack::Test
-All examples in the following sections assume that `Test::Unit` is being
+All examples in the following sections assume that [`Test::Unit`][Test::Unit] is being
used in an attempt to be as general as possible. See the [Test Framework
Examples](#frameworks) for information on using the test helpers in
other testing environments. To use `Rack::Test` library used when you require `rack/test`, you'll need to install the `rack-test` gem.
@@ -336,15 +336,12 @@ more information on `get`, `post`, `put`, `delete` and friends.
-[wild]: /wild.html

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