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remove clean_trace from configuration section (no longer supported)

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@@ -62,16 +62,15 @@ to `true` or `false`, respectively. The following two code examples are
{% highlight ruby %}
-enable :sessions, :clean_trace
-disable :logging, :dump_errors, :some_custom_option
+enable :sessions, :logging
+disable :dump_errors, :some_custom_option
{% endhighlight %}
Using `set`:
{% highlight ruby %}
set :sessions, true
-set :clean_trace, true
-set :logging, false
+set :logging, true
set :dump_errors, false
set :some_custom_option, false
{% endhighlight %}
@@ -226,18 +225,6 @@ default in classic style apps. Disable with:
set :dump_errors, false
-### `:clean_trace` - scrub library entries from backtraces
-When the `:clean_trace` setting is enabled, library/framework entries are
-removed from exception backtraces before being written to `STDERR`
-(see `:dump_errors` setting) or being displayed on the development mode
-error page.
-The `:clean_trace` setting is enabled by default in all environments. Disable
-it to get full exception backtraces:
- set :clean_trace, false
### `:raise_errors` - allow exceptions to propagate outside of the app
Boolean specifying whether exceptions raised from routes and filters should

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