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Update configuration page to use the correct `:bind' name

Fixes #342
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1 parent 7d31240 commit d1daa1e5407c74c166b836dfc711ab11af778cdb @cypher cypher committed May 3, 2010
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@@ -188,14 +188,14 @@ first available handler. The `:server` setting is set as follows by default:
set :server, %w[thin mongrel webrick]
-### `:host` - server hostname or IP address
+### `:bind` - server hostname or IP address
String specifying the hostname or IP address of the interface to listen on
when the `:run` setting is enabled. The default value -- `''` -- causes
the server to listen on all available interfaces. To listen on the
loopback interface only, use:
- set :host, 'localhost'
+ set :bind, 'localhost'
### `:port` - server port

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