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FAQ#escape_html is acutally URI escape #66

eregon opened this Issue May 14, 2012 · 5 comments

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eregon commented May 14, 2012


The tip mentioned at is not right.
Rack::Utils#escape is doing URI escaping as says.

One could use CGI.escapeHTML instead:

> require 'cgi'
=> true 
> CGI.escapeHTML('<b>nice try</b>')
=> "&lt;b&gt;nice try&lt;/b&gt;" 

I also find a same problem and has send a pull request in #73.

eregon commented Jul 15, 2012

@bigwheel Thanks! I will close this then, your solution seems the best.

@eregon eregon closed this Jul 15, 2012
tedsparc commented Aug 2, 2012

Hello @eregon,

Thanks for your work on this. I noticed this issue is still visible at and it tripped me up today. Is there maybe a refresh that can be done for the public web site?

eregon commented Aug 2, 2012

@tedsparc It seems fixed at me, thanks to #73 which was pulled. Rack::Utils#escape_html seems fine to escape HTML (Rack::Utils#escape is doing URI escaping though). Do you still observe alias_method :h, :escape on that page?

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