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Fix the erubis auto escape faq bit. #101

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I just updated the erubis auto escape bit in the faq, since #erubis is warning and the config setting no longer works as it was.

It's possible it should reference that older versions should still reference erubis for config and rendering.

@rkh rkh merged commit 635536e into sinatra:master
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Commits on Mar 11, 2013
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@@ -267,12 +267,12 @@ How do I automatically escape HTML? {#auto_escape_html}
Require [Erubis]( and set `escape_html` to `true`:
require 'erubis'
- set :erubis, :escape_html => true
+ set :erb, :escape_html => true
Then, any templates rendered with Erubis will be automatically escaped:
get '/' do
- erubis :index
+ erb :index
Read more on the [Tilt Google Group](!topic/tiltrb/PPm-sMz6Swc) and see [this example app]( for details.
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