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4603d59 @rtomayko Add AUTHORS file (finally)
rtomayko authored Jan 7, 2009
1 Sinatra was designed and developed by Blake Mizerany (bmizerany) in
2 California. Continued development would not be possible without the ongoing
3 financial support provided by Heroku <> and the emotional support
4 provided by Adam Wiggins (adamwiggins).
6 Special thanks to the following extraordinary individuals, who-out which
7 Sinatra would not be possible:
9 * Ryan Tomayko (rtomayko) for constantly fixing whitespace errors 60d5006
10 * Christopher Schneid (cschneid) for The Book, the blog (,
11, and a bunch useful patches.
12 * Markus Prinz (cypher) for patches over the years, caring about
13 the README, and hanging in there when times were rough.
14 * Simon Roset (sr) for a ton of doc patches, HAML options, and all that
15 advocacy stuff he's going to do for 1.0.
16 * Erik Kastner (kastner) for fixing MIME_TYPES under Rack 0.5.
17 * Ben Bleything (bleything) for caring about HTTP status codes and doc fixes.
18 * Igal Koshevoy (igal) for root path detection under Thin/Passenger.
19 * Jon Crosby (jcrosby) for coffee breaks, doc fixes, and just because, man.
20 * Karel Minarik (karmi) for screaming until the website came back up.
21 * Jeremy Evans (jeremyevans) for unbreaking optional path params (twice!)
22 * The GitHub guys for stealing Blake's table.
23 * Nickolas Means (nmeans) for Sass template support.
24 * Victor Hugo Borja (vic) for splat'n routes specs and doco.
25 * Avdi Grimm (avdi) for basic RSpec support.
26 * Jack Danger Canty for a more accurate root directory and for making me
27 watch this just now:
28 * Mathew Walker for making escaped paths work with static files.
29 * Songbird for having the problem that led to Sinatra's conception.
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