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Sinatra (C) 2007 By Blake Mizerany
= Classy web-development dressed in a DSL
== Install!
sudo gem install sinatra -y
== Use!
I'm going to move quick. I'll let you drool at your own pace.
* Create a file called lyrics.rb (or any name you like)
* Add
require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'
* Run (yes, with just ruby)
% ruby lyrics.rb
== Sinata has taken the stage on port 4567!
* Take a moment and view the default page http://localhost:4567. Go ahead and bask in it's glory.
* Notice:
* It didn't create any page to show you that default page (just a cool thing to see, that's all)
* There was nothing generated other than a log file
* Sinatra is a really cool name for a web-framework that's a DSL
* Modify lyrics.rb by adding:
get '/' do
'Hello World'
* Refresh (no need to restart Sinatra):
* Modify again (then refresh):
get '/' do
<form action='/' method="POST">
<input type="text" name="name" />
<input type="submit" value="Say my name!" />
post '/' do
"Hello #{params[:name] || 'World'}!"
* Now you try:
Use the Sinatra::Erb::EventContext or Sinatra::Haml::EventContext to do the same. Do them inline and as template files.
* Learn more cool stuff:
see Sinatra::Dsl
* Create your own plugins!
1. Create a 'vendor' directory in your app directory
2. Lay it out like:
myapp.rb : root
|- vendor
| - plugin_name
| - init.rb # load and hook here
| - lib
|- modules/classes here
3. Use it in your app!
see $SINATRA_GEM_ROOT/vendor/erb or $SINATRA_GEM_ROOT/vendor/erb for examples.
* Tell!
We would love to here what you're doing with Sinatra and any cool patches/features you would like. (blake { dot } mizerany [ at ] gmail)
* Talk!
IRC ( #sinatra)
Mailing List (
* Contribute
We're using git as our scm.. cuz.. it rocks. You can get the latest source from
NOTE: You can also get tar'd snapshots of each commit there too. So technically you don't need git to get the latest code.
It's probably going to happen.. you'll find a bug. Please help by:
* Sending a message to with BUG: at the start of the subject (I'm working on a better tracking system)
* Please send patches or pull requests to (blake { dot } mizerany [ at ] gmail) don't forget the dot com. ;)
== Thanks!
- Ezra Zygmuntowicz ( for answering all those random questions over IM and all the poached code
- Ditto to Chris Wanstrath ( and helping me keep things simple, and some cool tricks
- Ari Lerner over at CitrusByte for ideas, code, and enthusiasm
- Koshi ( here at POTI, Inc. for the Sinatra mark
- Pete Golibersuch for the hat logo
- John Philip Green ( for motivation and evangelism
- The team here at for cool ideas
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