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require 'sinatra/base'
module Sinatra
class Application < Base
# we assume that the first file that requires 'sinatra' is the
# app_file. all other path related options are calculated based
# on this path by default.
set :app_file, caller_files.first || $0
set :run, { File.expand_path($0) == File.expand_path(app_file) }
if run? && ARGV.any?
require 'optparse' { |op|
op.on('-x') { set :lock, true }
op.on('-e env') { |val| set :environment, val.to_sym }
op.on('-s server') { |val| set :server, val }
op.on('-p port') { |val| set :port, Integer(val) }
op.on('-o addr') { |val| set :bind, val }
at_exit {! if $!.nil? && }
# include would include the module in Object
# extend only extends the `main` object
extend Sinatra::Delegator
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