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= 1.2.2 / Not Yet Released
+ * The `:provides => :js` condition now matches both `application/javascript`
+ and `text/javascript`. The `:provides => :xml` condition now matches both
+ `application/xml` and `text/xml`. The `Content-Type` header is set
+ accordingly. If the client accepts both, the `application/*` version is
+ preferred, since the `text/*` versions are deprecated. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * The `provides` condition now handles wildcards in `Accept` headers correctly.
+ Thus `:provides => :html` matches `text/html`, `text/*` and `*/*`.
+ (Konstantin Haase)
+ * When parsing `Accept` headers, `Content-Type` preferences are honored
+ according to RFC 2616 section 14.1. (Konstantin Haase)
* URIs passed to the `url` helper or `redirect` may now use any schema to be
identified as absolute URIs, not only `http` or `https`. (Konstantin Haase)

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