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= 1.1.1 / Not Yet Released
- * Added `slim` rendering method for rendering Slim templates. (Steve Hodgkiss)
- * README has been translated to Russian. (Nickolay Schwarz, Vasily Polovnyov)
+ * README has been translated to Russian (Nickolay Schwarz, Vasily Polovnyov)
+ and Portuguese (Luciano Sousa).
* Nested templates without a `:layout` option can now be used from the layout
template without causing an infinite loop. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * Inline templates are now encoding aware and can therefore be used with
+ unicode characters on Ruby 1.9. Magic comments at the beginning of the file
+ will be honored. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * Default `app_file` is set correctly when running with bundler. Using
+ bundler caused Sinatra not to find the `app_file` and therefore not to find
+ the `views` folder on it's own. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * Better handling of Content-Type when using `send_file`: If file extension
+ is unknown, fall back to `application/octet-stream` and do not override
+ content type if it has already been set, except if `:type` is passed
+ explicitly (Konstantin Haase)
* Path is no longer cached if changed between handlers that do pattern
- matching. This means you can change `request.path_info` in a pattern matching
- before filter. (Konstantin Haase)
+ matching. This means you can change `request.path_info` in a pattern
+ matching before filter. (Konstantin Haase)
* Headers set by cache_control now always set max_age as an Integer, making
sure it is compatible with RFC2616. (Konstantin Haase)

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