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…k the Tilt version.
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1 parent d842c14 commit 3ae524e467c305896e754d3d64980e70ee78f7e8 @rkh rkh committed Oct 13, 2010
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@@ -68,8 +68,9 @@
respects Encoding.default_internal and Encoding.default_external.
(Konstantin Haase)
- * `show_exeptions` handling is now triggered after custom error handlers,
- thus not disabling those in development mode. (pangel)
+ * `show_exeptions` handling is now triggered after custom error handlers, if
+ it is set to `:after_handlers`, thus not disabling those handler in
+ development mode. (pangel, Konstantin Haase)
* Added ability to handle weighted HTTP_ACCEPT headers. (Davide D'Agostino)
@@ -84,9 +85,6 @@
* Broken examples for using Erubis, Haml and Test::Unit in README have been
fixed. (Nick Sutterer, Doug Ireton, Jason Stewart, Eric Marden)
- * Sinatra is now able to use Tilt versions including numbers > 9, as in 0.10.
- (Konstantin Haase)
* Sinatra now handles SIGTERM correctly. (Patrick Collison)
* Fixes an issue with inline templates in modular applications that manually

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