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update CHANGES for 0.9.2 (perhaps 1.0) release

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= 0.9.2 / unreleased
+ * This version is compatible with Rack 1.0. [Rein Henrichs]
+ * The development-mode unhandled exception / error page has been
+ greatly enhanced, functionally and aesthetically. The error
+ page is used when the :show_exceptions option is enabled and an
+ exception propagates outside of a route handler or before filter.
+ [Simon Rozet / Matte Noble / Ryan Tomayko]
+ * Backtraces that move through templates now include filenames and
+ line numbers where possible. [#51 / S. Brent Faulkner]
+ * All templates now have an app-level option for setting default
+ template options (:haml, :sass, :erb, :builder). The app-level
+ option value must be a Hash if set and is merged with the
+ template options specified to the render method (Base#haml,
+ Base#erb, Base#builder). [S. Brent Faulkner, Ryan Tomayko]
+ * The method signature for all template rendering methods has
+ been unified: "def engine(template, options={}, locals={})".
+ The options Hash now takes the generic :views, :layout, and
+ :locals options but also any template-specific options. The
+ generic options are removed before calling the template specific
+ render method. Locals may be specified using either the
+ :locals key in the options hash or a second Hash option to the
+ rendering method. [#191 / Ryan Tomayko]
+ * The receiver is now passed to "configure" blocks. This
+ allows for the following idiom in top-level apps:
+ configure { |app| set :foo, app.root + '/foo' }
+ [TJ Holowaychuck / Ryan Tomayko]
+ * The "sinatra/test" lib is deprecated and will be removed in
+ Sinatra 1.0. This includes the Sinatra::Test module and
+ Sinatra::TestHarness class in addition to all the framework
+ test helpers that were deprecated in 0.9.1. The Rack::Test
+ lib should be used instead:
+ [#176 / Simon Rozet]
* Development mode source file reloading has been removed. The
"shotgun" ( program can be
used to achieve the same basic functionality in most situations.
Passenger users should use the "tmp/always_restart.txt"
- file ( [#166]
+ file ( [#166 / Ryan Tomayko]
+ * A new Sinatra::Base#route_missing method was added. route_missing
+ is sent when no route matches the request or all route handlers
+ pass. The default implementation forwards the request to the
+ downstream app when running as middleware (i.e., "@app" is
+ non-nil), or raises a NotFound exception when no downstream app
+ is defined. Subclasses can override this method to perform custom
+ route miss logic. [Jon Crosby]
+ * A new Sinatra::Base#route_eval method was added. The method
+ yields to the block and throws :halt with the result. Subclasses
+ can override this method to tap into the route execution logic.
+ [TJ Holowaychuck]
+ * Fix the "-x" (enable request mutex / locking) command line
+ argument. Passing -x now properly sets the :lock option.
+ [S. Brent Faulkner, Ryan Tomayko]
@sbfaulkner Sinatra member

I didn't have anything to do with this... I think it was James Tucker (raggi)

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+ * Fix writer ("foo=") and predicate ("foo?") methods in extension
+ modules not being added to the registering class.
+ [#172 / Pat Nakajima]
+ * Fix in-file templates when running alongside activesupport and
+ fatal errors when requiring activesupport before sinatra
+ [#178 / Brian Candler]
+ * Fix various issues running on Google AppEngine.
+ [Samuel Goebert, Simon Rozet]
+ * Fix in-file templates __END__ detection when __END__ exists with
+ other stuff on a line [Yoji Shidara]
= / 2009-03-09

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Cool. Someone reported it a while back and I can't remember who.

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