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behaves exactly like `sass` except for the different file extension and
assuming the SCSS syntax. (Pedro Menezes, Konstantin Haase)
- * Added `liquid`, `markdown`, `textile`, `rdoc`, `radius`, `markaby`, and
- `coffee` rendering methods for rendering Liquid, Markdown, Textile, RDoc,
- Radius, Markaby and CoffeeScript templates (Konstantin Haase)
+ * Added `liquid`, `markdown`, `nokogiri`, `textile`, `rdoc`, `radius`,
+ `markaby`, and `coffee` rendering methods for rendering Liquid, Markdown,
+ Nokogiri, Textile, RDoc, Radius, Markaby and CoffeeScript templates.
+ (Konstantin Haase)
+ * `send_file` now handles range requests. (JP Hastings-Spital, Konstantin
+ Haase)
* You can now use #settings method from class and top level for convenience.
(Konstantin Haase)
* Setting multiple values now no longer relies on #to_hash and therefore
accepts any Enumerable as parameter. (Simon Rozet)
+ * Nested templates default the `layout` option to `false` rather than `true`.
+ This eases the use of partials. If you wanted to render one haml template
+ embedded in another, you had to call `haml :partial, {}, :layout => false`.
+ As you almost never want the partial to be wrapped in the standard layout
+ in this situation, you now only have to call `haml :partial`. Passing in
+ `layout` explicitly is still possible. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * If a the return value of one of the render functions is used as a response
+ body and the content type has not been set explicitly, Sinatra chooses a
+ content type corresponding to the rendering engine rather than just using
+ "text/html". (Konstantin Haase)
* README is now available in French (Mickael Riga), German (Bernhard Essl,
Konstantin Haase, burningTyger) and Spanish (Gabriel Andretta).
@@ -52,6 +68,9 @@
respects Encoding.default_internal and Encoding.default_external.
(Konstantin Haase)
+ * `show_exeptions` handling is now triggered after custom error handlers,
+ thus not disabling those in development mode. (pangel)
* Added ability to handle weighted HTTP_ACCEPT headers. (Davide D'Agostino)
* `send_file` now always respects the `:type` option if set. Previously it
@@ -83,6 +102,9 @@
* Tilt is now a dependency and therefore no longer ships bundled with
Sinatra. (Ryan Tomayko, Konstantin Haase)
+ * Sinatra now depends on Rack 1.1 or higher. Rack 1.0 is no longer supported.
+ (Konstantin Haase)
= 1.0 / 2010-03-23
* It's now possible to register blocks to run after each request using

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