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rkh committed Apr 30, 2011
1 parent d35d44a commit 8823dbef5265bc892dfd2998e2eb2733910d9b31
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* The request object was shared between multiple Sinatra instances in the
same middleware chain. This caused issues if any non-sinatra routing
- happend in-between two of those instances. The caching was reverted. See
- GH#239 for more infos. (Konstantin Haase)
+ happend in-between two of those instances, or running a request twice
+ against an application (described in the README). The caching was reverted.
+ See GH#239 and GH#256 for more infos. (Konstantin Haase)
* Fixes issues where the top level DSL was interfering with method_missing
proxies. This issue surfaced when Rails 3 was used with older Sass versions
and Sinatra >= 1.2.0. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * Sinatra::Delegator.delegate is now able to delegate any method names, even
+ those containing special characters. This allows better integration into
+ other programming languages on Rubinius (probably on the JVM, too), like
+ Fancy. (Konstantin Haase)
* Remove HEAD request logic and let Rack::Head handle it instead. (Paolo
"Nusco" Perrotta)

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