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"Sorry, you lost."
+=== Return values
+The return value of a route block determines at least the response body passed
+on to the HTTP client, or at least the next middleware in the Rack stack.
+Most commonly this is a string, as in the above examples. But other values are
+also accepted.
+You can return any object that would either be a valid Rack response, Rack body object
+or HTTP status code:
+* An Array with three elements: `[status (Fixnum), headers (Hash), response body (responds to #each)]`
+* An Array with two elements: `[status (Fixnum), response body (responds to #each)]`
+* An object that responds to #each and passes nothing but strings to the given block
+* A Fixnum representing the status code
+That way we can for instance easily implement a streaming example:
+ class Stream
+ def each
+ 100.times { |i| yield "#{i}\n" }
+ end
+ end
+ get '/' do
+ rescue StandardError
+ [500, 'sorry, error']
+ end
== Static Files
Static files are served from the <tt>./public</tt> directory. You can specify

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