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rtomayko committed Jan 15, 2009
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has the status code specified. It's also possible to register an error
page for a range of status codes: "error(500..599)".
+ * Sinatra's testing support is no longer dependent on Test::Unit. Requiring
+ 'sinatra/test' adds the Sinatra::Test module and Sinatra::TestHarness
+ class, which can be used with any test framework. The 'sinatra/test/unit',
+ 'sinatra/test/spec', 'sinatra/test/rspec', or 'sinatra/test/bacon' files
+ can be required to setup a framework-specific testing environment. See the
+ README for more information.
* Added support for Bacon (test framework). The 'sinatra/test/bacon' file
can be required to setup Sinatra test helpers on Bacon::Context.

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