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* Added `request.accept?` and `request.preferred_type` to ease dealing with
`Accept` headers. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * Sinatra::Application (classic style) does not use a session secret in
+ development mode, so sessions are not invalidated after every request when
+ using Shotgun. (Konstantin Haase)
* The request object was shared between multiple Sinatra instances in the
same middleware chain. This caused issues if any non-sinatra routing
happend in-between two of those instances. The caching was reverted. See
GH#239 for more infos. (Konstantin Haase)
+ * Fixes issues where the top level DSL was interfering with method_missing
+ proxies. This issue surfaced when Rails 3 was used with older Sass versions
+ and Sinatra >= 1.2.0. (Konstantin Haase)
= 1.2.3 / 2011-04-13
* This release is compatible with Tilt 1.3, it will still work with Tilt 1.2.2,

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