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Encoding problem in coffee-script #559

whitetrefoil opened this Issue Aug 15, 2012 · 2 comments

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OS: Windows XP in English
Ruby: 1.9.3-p194
Sinatra: 1.3.2

All files are saved in utf-8 without BOM


"something 中文 something"
# asdf.rb

# ...
  get "/js/:name.js" do
    coffee :"#{params[:name]}", :views => "public/js/coffee"

Then open http://localhost:4567/js/asdf.js in the browser:

(function() {
  "something ������ something";


Whether set settings.default_encoding => 'utf-8' or leave it as default will see the same result.

If use coffee -c . in CMD directly, the output is good.

The same input will output good result in Slim, Sass, etc.

More information:

I found that only if i require "gravatar-ultimate" it will output such result, otherwise it will raise a error.

Simply run this:

# encoding: utf-8
require "sinatra/base"
require "coffee_script"
class CoffeeChs < Sinatra::Base
  get "/" do
    coffee :coffee_chs, :views => "."
  run! if app_file == $0


alert "中文"

Will raise Encoding::UndefinedConversionError - "\xE4" from ASCII-8BIT to UTF-8:

Find a similar issue?


Finally I add below in my own application to avoid this problem:

# encoding: utf-8

# Refer
module Tilt
  class CoffeeScriptTemplate < Template
    alias_method :original_prepare, :prepare

    def prepare
      @data.force_encoding 'UTF-8'
Sinatra member
rkh commented Aug 31, 2012

discuss here: rtomayko/tilt#75

@rkh rkh closed this Aug 31, 2012
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