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Include delegators only in Sinatra classes, not in Object #396

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Sinatra::Delegators is getting mixed in to Object, which forces in Object#get, Object#before, etc. This messes up method_missing stuff and is just generally a bad idea. This patch seems to keep all tests passing and makes sure that the delegators are only included in the actual Sinatra classes.

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rkh commented Oct 31, 2011

Hi there, thanks for the pull request!

I can't merge this in though. This would break most Sinatra applications. We intentionally include it in Object. Otherwise classic style applications won't work. Example:

require 'sinatra'

get '/' do
  "with your patch, it would raise a NameError"

This is why we do this when you require "sinatra" but not when you require "sinatra/base". See Modular vs. Classic Style. I will add a test that will fail with your patch.

The issue with method_missing only occurs with sloppily implemented delegation. If you define method_missing you should also define respond_to?, which Sinatra will honor.

@rkh rkh closed this Oct 31, 2011
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