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documentation for environments #432

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I've added documentation for environments (#410). Is it what you were thinking of?

@rkh rkh merged commit b92087a into sinatra:master

Thanks a ton.

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[views] Path to the views folder. Inferred from <tt>app_file</tt>
setting if not set.
+== Environments
+There are three predefined +environments+: <tt>development</tt>, <tt>production</tt> and <tt>test</tt>. Environment can be set by RACK_ENV environment variable, and default value is <tt>development</tt>.
+You can also run different environemnt using <tt>-e</tt> option:
+ ruby my_app.rb -e [ENVIRONMENT]
+You can use predefinied methods: +development?+, +test?+ and +production?+, to check which enviroment is set.
++Developemnt+ is default setting. In this mode, all templates are being reloaded between requests. Special <tt>not_found</tt> and <tt>error</tt> handlers are installed for this enviroment, so you will see nice error page. In +production+ and +test+ templates are being cached.
== Error Handling
Error handlers run within the same context as routes and before filters, which
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