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rkh commented Sep 1, 2010

Patches prepared for 1.1 release. See also http://github.com/sinatra/sinatra/issues/issue/55

rkh and others added some commits May 30, 2010
@rkh rkh fixing issue with Tilt::VERSION check: '0.10' < '0.8' 91b740a
@rkh rkh Merge branch 'master' of git://github.com/sinatra/sinatra 5556dbe
@rkh Pedro Menezes Adding scss support through specific command cf3c218
@rkh rkh Allow DateTime instances to be passed to last_modified. Makes sure th…
…e value is always a string, so Rack::Lint will not complain. Fixes GH #16
@rkh rkh Upgrade bundled Tilt, fixes GH #40 108162b
@rkh rkh Always respect :type parameter for send_file. Fixes GH #42 0b032a0
@giga @rkh giga Fix redirect method
	According to RFC 2616 section 14.30, for the “Location” header, “the field value consists of a single absolute URI”
	If a non absolute URI is given, the URI is reconstructed using the request.
	Tests are modified accordingly.
@rkh rkh Ignore <internal: callers, fixes GH #50 081c184
@rkh rkh increase VERSION, fixes GH #29 ba0d18a
@rkh rkh spec checking wether Marshal.dump(params) is possible 38ad411
@rkh rkh require stringio in request_test, fixes GH #51 a05d1fa
@rkh rkh Changelog for 1.1 4cab214
@antw @rkh antw Fix redirects when using non-standard ports.
Commit 507972e introduced a change to the redirect method in order to
be compliant with RFC 2616's requirement that the Location header use an
"absoluteURI". However, the change relied on an undefined "port"
variable. This commit fixes that omission by using the port from the

The formatting of the redirect method has also been adjusted to wrap at
approx. 78-80 characters and use "&&" and "||", like the rest of Sinatra.

Specs included.
@rkh rkh Add Anthony Williams to the change log. f2a1dc0
rtomayko commented Sep 1, 2010

This all looks good to me. Anyone run the unit tests under 1.8.6, 1.8.7, 1.9.2?

rkh commented Sep 1, 2010

Yep, all pass. Even on JRuby 1.5.2. But on 1.9.2 they have to be run manually (see #52), at least on my box. Same goes for current master, however.

mr-rock commented Sep 1, 2010

Hi, why would you want to keep a version of Tilt bundled on Sinatra when Sinatra can include Tilt as a dependency?

rtomayko commented Sep 1, 2010

Yeah. I think the last time blake and I discussed tilt bundling, we decided to not bundle it and just make it a dependency.

zzak commented Sep 1, 2010

Lots of goodies in here, particularly added support for scss views.

mr-rock commented Sep 1, 2010

@RTomayko: I don't see the point to repeat code that is going to be obsolete in some time anyway. I already made a pull request in which Tilt is removed from Sinatra and Tilt is a dependency of the gem. I tested it in Ruby 1.9.1 and it seems to work.

rkh commented Sep 2, 2010

@RTomayko: Before Tilt is unbundled, could you please do another Tilt release? I think the ScssTemplate hasn't made it into 1.0.1.

rkh commented Sep 7, 2010

You can now do rake spec on 1.9.2p0, too. (And it passes, of course.)

rkh and others added some commits Sep 7, 2010
@rkh rkh Better handling of encodings in Ruby 1.9, defaults to UTF-8. Fixes GH #…
…27, GH #38 and params issue that came up in IRC.
@rkh rkh Default default_internal encoding to default_external encoding. e4e9e65
@rkh rkh Avoid `require "rubygems"` and `sudo` in README. 8465d49
@rkh rkh Fix streaming example. 6e00c57
@rkh rkh Simplify streaming example. 8fbd9c2
@rkh rkh minor adjustments and fixes for the readme examples c37db5c
@rkh rkh Avoid misleading default_encoding setting and just rely on Encoding.d…
@rkh rkh Minor README improvements. c6d0614
@rkh rkh German README: Improve language and bring up to speed with English ve…
@rkh rkh Update CHANGES. e51bb77
@rkh rkh Readjust latest changelog entries. fa15c4d
@rkh rkh Update year in LICENSE 5a5b9e5
@rkh rkh Add German and Japanese README to RDoc files in gemspec. 222d2cb
@rkh rkh Proper encoding test. ea1426f
@rkh rkh unbundle Tilt 99680c7
@rkh rkh Add liquid helper method. Tilt supports liquid for quite some time no…
…w, but it was not as easy to use as haml or erb, and not documented. Tests and documentation (English and German) included.
@rkh rkh German README: Adjust Template section headings ("XYZ Template" -> "X…
@rkh rkh Add markdown helper method. Tilt supports markdown for quite some tim…
…e now, but it was not as easy to use as haml or erb, and not documented. Tests and documentation (English and German) included.
@rkh rkh Add textile helper method. Tilt supports textile for quite some time …
…now, but it was not as easy to use as haml or erb, and not documented. Tests and documentation (English and German) included.
@rkh rkh Add rdoc helper method. Tilt supports RDoc for quite some time now, b…
…ut it was not as easy to use as haml or erb, and not documented. Tests and documentation (English and German) included.
@rkh rkh Add radius helper method. Tilt supports radius for quite some time no…
…w, but it was not as easy to use as haml or erb, and not documented. Tests and documentation (English and German) included.
@rkh rkh Make sure test layout is removed to avoid failures. f4f03ed
@rkh rkh Avoid another segfault on 1.9.2 when running `rake test`. 8718419
@rkh rkh Add markaby helper method. Tilt supports Markaby for quite some time …
…now, but it was not as easy to use as haml or erb, and not documented. Tests and documentation (English and German) included.
@rkh rkh Add coffee helper method. Tilt supports CoffeeScript again, but it wa…
…s not as easy to use as sass or scss, and not documented. Tests and documentation (English and German) included.
@rkh rkh Add content_type line to German CoffeeScript example. a852f97
@rkh rkh Skip rdiscount tests on JRuby. beea699
@rkh rkh Regenerate gemspec. Fixes rkh/sinatra issue #3. a5991f5
@rkh rkh Fix params encoding. 68d2d7b
@rkh rkh Allow spaces after inline template names. Fixes GH #61. 3475f50
@rkh rkh Add latest changes to changelog. f96c6ef
@rkh rkh Allow spaces in inline template names (still ignoring trailing spaces). 7f2b234
@shreeve @rkh shreeve correct the HTTP status code range 996cf5b
@xentek @rkh xentek MOD: docs for testing forgot to require test/unit c3f167f
@rkh rkh Credit Steve Shreeve and Eric Marden in CHANGES. 1cf1c76
rkh commented Sep 19, 2010

How do you feel about including #62 and #63, maybe even #58?

rkh and others added some commits Sep 20, 2010
@rkh rkh Set outvar for any template engine (so it is usable from liquid, text…
…ile and markdown). Also, only set it if not present, allowing to override it.
@gnandretta @rkh gnandretta Add README's spanish translation.
Signed-off-by: Konstantin Haase <konstantin.mailinglists@googlemail.com>
@mig-hub @rkh mig-hub Add README's French translation.
Signed-off-by: Konstantin Haase <konstantin.mailinglists@googlemail.com>
@rkh rkh Adjust examples in French and Spanish READMEs. 3a25d98
@rkh rkh Reorganize CHANGES and add Spanish/French READMEs to it. da346eb
@rkh rkh Include new translations in RDoc. 250b654
@gnandretta @rkh gnandretta improves Spanish README 52d4311
@rkh rkh Include all READMEs in documentation generated by rake task. c2705a9
@rkh rkh Fix grammar in German README. 130335b
@rkh rkh Add note to all README translations saying: 'Important Note: This doc…
…ument is just a translation of the English version and might not be up to date.'

French translation by Gabriel Andretta (ohhgabriel)
Spanish translation by michelc
Japanese translation by Kiko Uehara (kiko)

Japanese translation also includes 'Please refer to original English document for the most up to date information.'
More translations and discussion: http://gist.github.com/589498
@rkh rkh increase inline documentation ac4d015
@rkh rkh Remove before_filters and after_filters method (no longer in use). 3e0c8cb
@rkh rkh Remove uneccessary line from provieds, use do ... end for multiline c…
@michelc @rkh michelc Added a transition to better explain that templates must be defined w…
…ith symbols.

Signed-off-by: Konstantin Haase <konstantin.mailinglists@googlemail.com>
@rkh rkh Document different scopes/bindings. 3f21c3f
@rkh rkh Proof-reading Scopes section 6233ce4
@rkh rkh Remove Sinatra::Delegator sidebar (now covered by Scopes), keep "Have…
… a look at the code for yourself" paragraph, but move it into Scopes.
@rkh rkh Added "Using Sinatra as middleware" section, fixes GH #19. 5e8d501
@rkh rkh Minor README adjustments. 69791f7

There's a typy here, it should be 'rdoc' instead of 'rdiscount'


Yes, you're right. And there's another typo where it says 'rdiscount' instead of 'redcloth'. I have already fixed both, but We'll have to wait until rkh comes back to merge the changes.

rkh replied Oct 9, 2010

Merged. Thanks guys.

@zzak zzak pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Aug 12, 2016
@rennex rennex Ignore changing Accept-Encoding header, fixes #56 4e40d2c
This issue was closed.
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