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Fix halt(invoke) breaks its argument #613

merged 1 commit into from about 1 year ago

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Naotoshi Seo Konstantin Haase
Naotoshi Seo

When I passed an rack array variable to halt like


the halt method breaks its argument, actually in invoke method.

def invoke
  res = catch(:halt) { yield }
  res = [res] if Fixnum === res or String === res
  if Array === res and Fixnum === res.first
  elsif res.respond_to? :each
    body res
  nil # avoid double setting the same response tuple twice

See there is res.shift and res.pop. It finally breaks my @@forbidden variable which is returned by catch(:halt) { yield }.
My question is "is this a desired behavior?" If not, let's fix it. This is a pull request to fix it.

Konstantin Haase rkh merged commit eed4f71 into from January 16, 2013
Konstantin Haase rkh closed this January 16, 2013
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Jan 17, 2013
Naotoshi Seo dup 6cbff56
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  1. 1  lib/sinatra/base.rb
1  lib/sinatra/base.rb
@@ -949,6 +949,7 @@ def invoke
949 949
       res = catch(:halt) { yield }
950 950
       res = [res] if Fixnum === res or String === res
951 951
       if Array === res and Fixnum === res.first
+        res = res.dup
952 953
953 954
954 955

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