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Convert korean to md #648

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Iain Barnett Kashyap
Iain Barnett

I've updated the RDoc to Markdown. I don't speak Korean but I've looked at the old and the new side by side and it looks ok to me.



Just one thing though: The code blocks are indented with three backticks followed by the language i.e., ```ruby and not four spaces. Atleast that's what is being used in the English one. I'm trying to add those code-blocks now


kgrz@1776a11 I merged your changes with my repo, fixed some errors and pushed it to my repo. Since I previously sent a PR for German Readme fix, the Korean updates got added to the existing PR. So, your changes are already present in that PR I just sent and I think this can be closed.

Iain Barnett

@kgrz I dislike the ticks, it goes against the idea of markdown in my opinion. YMMV.

I'll close this.

Iain Barnett yb66 closed this February 26, 2013
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Feb 26, 2013
Iain Barnett Syntax to markdown from RDoc. 39776fd
Iain Barnett File extension update for changes. 9a313b1
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