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+# AppleScripts intended for personal use #
+This repository contains all the AppleScripts I've written or adapted for personal use. I don't intend for them to be earth-shattering, they just scratch some personal itches.
+## Clean By Kind - cleanbykind.scpt ##
+In Lion, the default folder view behaviour became "Arrange by ...", a view that hides most of the files in a folder. I prefer the old "Clean by kind". This script lives in my Finder toolbar for a quick clean up, and in my script menu bound to a key.
+## New Text File - `newtextfile.scpt` ##
+I like the ability in Windows to right-click and create a new text file. This script replicates that behaviour with the `touch` command. Add it as a service so it appears in the CTRL-click menu.
+## Quit All - `quitall.scpt` ##
+I frequently find myself with a dock full of one-off apps I use during the development process. I use this script to kill all but my core applications.

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