sinchsms - a module to send sms using the Sinch REST apis
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Python module for sending sms with Sinch


pip install sinchsms

Usage example

import time
from sinchsms import SinchSMS

number = '+46000000001'
message = 'Hello from Sinch!'

client = SinchSMS(your_app_key, your_app_secret)

print("Sending '%s' to %s" % (message, number))
response = client.send_message(number, message)
message_id = response['messageId']

response = client.check_status(message_id)
while response['status'] != 'Successful':
    response = client.check_status(message_id)


You will need a Sinch account for getting your application key and secret. Visit to get started.

Using as command line script

usage: <application key> <application secret> send <number> <message> <from_number> <application key> <application secret> status <message_id>