SMS Node Module and Tutorial
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#SMS Node Module

One of the teams at TheNextWeb hackathon this past weekend was kind enough to open source a node module to send SMS with the Sinch SMS API. (Shoutout to Mihir and Mikhail!) Here's an example of how to use it:

var sinchAuth = require('sinch-auth');

var sinchSms = require('sinch-messaging');

var auth = sinchAuth("your-app-key", "your-app-secret");

sinchSms.sendMessage("+16507141052", "Hello world!");

The above script will print an ID for the SMS. It will look like this:


You can use this ID to check the status of the SMS at any point like so...


...which will give you a response like so:


If you're interested in digging into the node modules for authentication and sending SMS, you can find the source code on GitHub:

  1. sinch-auth

  2. sinch-messaging

To get your own app key and secret, sign up for a Sinch account and create a new app. To start, you will have $2 on your account to send some test messages. See SMS pricing by country here.