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Pristine Twitter app

This app is based the awesome Mobile Twitter site, but modifies a lot of things and makes it more usable on the desktop.

No new features will be accepted as I don't have time to keep up on the constant Mobile Twitter changes.


Dark mode

You can toggle dark mode in the Anatine menu or with Cmd Shift D / Ctrl Shift D.

Background behavior

When closing the window, the app will continue running in the background, in the dock on macOS and the tray on Linux/Windows. Right-click the dock/tray icon and choose Quit to completely quit the app. On macOS, click the dock icon to show the window. On Linux, right-click the tray icon and choose Toggle to toggle the window. On Windows, click the tray icon to toggle the window.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • New tweet: n
  • New DM: m
  • Send tweet/DM: Cmd Enter or Ctrl Enter
  • Go to Home: g h or Ctrl 1 or Cmd 1
  • Go to Notifications: g n or Ctrl 2 or Cmd 2
  • Go to Messages: g m or Ctrl 3 or Cmd 3
  • Go to Search: / or Ctrl 4 or Cmd 4
  • Go to Profile: g p or Ctrl 5 or Cmd 5
  • Go to Likes: g l
  • Go to Lists: g i
  • Go to previous page: Delete or Backspace
  • Next tab: Ctrl Tab
  • Previous tab: Ctrl Shift Tab
  • Go to next tweet: j
  • Go to previous tweet: k
  • Go to next photo:
  • Go to previous photo:
  • Page down: Ctrl d
  • Page up: Ctrl u
  • Scroll to top: g g
  • Scroll to bottom: G


macOS 10.9+, Windows 7+ & Linux are supported.


Homebrew Cask

$ brew update && brew cask install anatine


Download, unzip, and move Anatine.app to the /Applications directory.


Download and unzip to some location.

To add a shortcut to the app, create a file in ~/.local/share/applications called anatine.desktop with the following contents:

[Desktop Entry]

Snap package

$ sudo snap install anatine



Download and unzip to some location.


Built with Electron.

  • Init: $ npm install
  • Run: $ npm start
  • Build macOS: $ npm run build:macos
  • Build Linux: $ npm run build:linux
  • Build Windows: $ npm run build:windows
  • Build all: $ brew install wine and $ npm run build (macOS only)


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MIT © Sindre Sorhus